Story of ClientIQ

The first ideas and sketches of ClientIQ begun for over 10 years ago when we realised that most of the tickets created by the helpdesk have been created many times before. These tickets were also assigned to specialist teams even if they were quite easy to solve if you have the right knowledge and/or tools.

In many cases the specialist created knowledge base articles or similar but they were not pedagogical written, unclear problem descriptions and there were too many to keep track of, especially when there was a customer breathing down their neck. When talking to the experts they were tired of repeating themselves, tired of writing documents (they are technicians at heart) and tired of solving tickets that the help desk should be able to solve themselves.

Our idea was to replace the writing of documentation with automation, something that the technical specialists loves to do and at the same time enable the help desk agents to solve the end user´s problem at first contact.

Then it became clear for us, our mission is simple – to make the best Windows IT-support tool.

Little did we know that ClientIQ is used today to improve support processes by eliminating waste, automating knowledge transfer between different teams across the world and increasing the first contact resolution rate for our customers.