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Remote Efficiency

With ClientIQ you can manage almost all aspects of troubleshooting remotely without interrupting the user - removing the need to agree on a suitable time or making the user nonproductive during the support session. We have put extra attention in four specific areas that are known for being complex and time consuming to manage from a distance:


  • Complete integration of remote desktop and remote assistance
  • Launch external tools without password prompts or writing UNC paths.
  • Browse remote files
  • Show processes
  • Restart, shutdown computer with cancel


  • Show installed applications
  • Uninstall applications
  • Show SCCM deployments including detailed troubleshooting information
  • Install, uninstall, download and cancel deployments
  • Show and rerun SCCM packages including detailed troubleshooting information
  • Unified view of all collections that a computer or user is member of
  • List all log files relevant for troubleshooting applications
  • List, delete, browse the SCCM client cache
  • Trigger SCCM client actions

Software update

  • Unified view of all collections that a computer or user is member of
  • Detailed Software Update information including installation history
  • Install and Uninstall updates
  • List all available software updates from WSUS or SUP
  • List all log files relevant for troubleshooting software updates
  • Enable or Disable verbose software update logging
  • Trigger SCCM client actions


  • Install, uninstall, repair the SCCM agent
  • Automatic detection and correction of unhealthy SCCM Agent
  • Delete the SCCM client certificate
  • List all log files relevant for troubleshooting SCCM
  • Show collection membership and collection variables
  • Show DCM baseline
  • Enable or Disable verbose SCCM logging
  • Trigger SCCM client actions
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Easy access to log files and relevant information

ClientIQ provides automatic downloading and analysis of log files, even if they are scattered in various places, both locally and on the network. ClientIQ categorizes log files after area of use, making it a breeze to find all relevant log files needed for troubleshooting software updates, applications and other areas.

  • Find the correct log file with our friendly description of common log file
  • Real time updating of log files with auto scroll to newest entry
  • Super-fast loading, parsing and searching through large log files
  • Supporting MSI, SCCM, Windows Update and text based log files
  • Download logs based on time of last update, size and location
  • Customize log categories, log location and highlighting rules
  • Log file merging of different formats maintaining timestamps
  • Highlight errors and warnings using regular expression
  • Share the settings between your coworkers
  • Advanced text and date filters
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Built-in performance to make your work easier

ClientIQ includes highly advanced built-in performance,organized in a user-friendly fashion. The following list proudly introduces just a few of the features we have included:

  • Data prefetching
  • Advanced multi-threading technology
  • Customizable Windows 8 style ribbon UI with contextual tabs
  • Fastest grid in the market with support for sorting, grouping and filtering
  • High-performance charting components
  • Export to excel functionality
  • Localization support
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An advanced GUI with a unique dashboard

The user interface provided by ClientIQ is highly advanced in order to accommodate all types of problem-solving. Information is retrieved from multiple sources and ClientIQ offers a clean overview for handling errors and events. The unique dashboard can be adapted to fit any specific requests or requirements for maximum efficiency. It can also be used repeatedly, for example after starting up an application or exporting to an issue tracking system. This dashboard is one of the most popular aspects of ClientIQ and in addition, one which we are very proud of.

Simple yet powerful

Our vision is to create the best user experience for supporting Windows clients, not only for experts but for beginners as well. Based on usability studies and the latest technology advancements like data prefetching, multithreading and 3D rendered GUI we have come a long way to provide a simple and user-friendly interface, packed with advanced features.

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Automate and share knowledged

flow scheme

ClientIQ liberates you from having to write up the same solutions over and over, only to receive the same questions from people who haven't read them. Once a problem has been identified, automated and published, the solution is there for everyone to use. All managed problems within the enterprise will be available to all members of the team, whether they are sitting next door or somewhere across the globe.